"The EDGE-CALIFA survey: exploring the role of molecular gas on galaxy star formation quenching."

Authors: Colombo, D.; Sanchez, S. F.; Bolatto, A. D.; et al.

Volume: 2020A&A...644A..97C

Take-home message: Absence of molecular gas significantly reduces star formation from the blue sequence to the green valley afterwards, changes in the star formation efficiency are what drives a galaxy deeper into the red cloud, hence retiring it.

"The integrated properties of the molecular clouds from the JCMT CO(3-2) High-Resolution Survey."

Authors: Colombo, D.; Rosolowsky, E.; Duarte-Cabral, A.; et al.

Volume: 2019MNRAS.483.4291C

Take-home message: First molecular cloud catalog of the inner Milky Way with the largest dynamic range in spatial scales. Cloud catalog available on Zenodo.

"The EDGE-CALIFA survey: the influence of galactic rotation on the molecular depletion time across the Hubble sequence."

Authors: Colombo, D.; Kalinova, V.; Utomo, D.; et al.

Volume: 2018MNRAS.475.1791C

Take-home message: On kpc-scales, the molecular depletion time is correlated with the galactic morphology, as this value decreases from early- to late-type galaxies. In particular, we observe a connection between depletion time and circular velocity speed of the galaxies, indicating a contribution of shear in star formation quenching of the galaxies.

"Graph-based interpretation of the molecular interstellar medium segmentation."

Authors: Colombo, D.; Rosolowsky, E.; Ginsburg, A.; et al.

Volume: 2015MNRAS.454.2067C

Award: IAA 2016 Outstanding Publication in Astrostatistics by a PostDoc

Take-home message: The hierarchical structure of the molecular clouds can be interpreated in the large framework of the graph theory. This allows for physics-based cloud segmentations which preserve morphology and inner structure of the clouds.

"The PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey (PAWS): Multi-phase Cold Gas Kinematic of M51."

Authors: Colombo, D.; Meidt, S.; Schinnerer, E.; et al.

Volume: 2014ApJ...784....4C

Take-home message: Evidence of a m=3 wave in the inner disk of M51. This mode seems to be excited by the nuclear bar, while the beat frequencies generated by the coupling between the m = 3 mode and the main spiral structure confirm its density-wave nature.

"The PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey (PAWS): Multi-phase Cold Gas Kinematic of M51."

Authors: Colombo, D.; Hughes, A.; Schinnerer, E.; et al.

Volume: 2014ApJ...784....3C

Award: 221st AAS Meeting Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award (Honorable mention)

Take-home message: Giant Molecular Cloud properties are regulated by the dynamical environment of M51.